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Sticker Variety Packs to inspire kids

Our sticker variety packs provide a huge selection of stickers for kids....animals, stars, birthdays, bugs, smiles... choose a popular theme and get a variety of stickers shapes and sizes. These are great value packs of little reward stickers for children.
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Positive Praisers - 2,500 Superspots stickers

A fantastic, good value variety pack of positive praise and reward stickers

Price: £10.26 Inc VAT
Neon Smiles Praise and Reward Sticker Variety Pack Neon Smiles - 2500 stickers

Huge, great value variety pack!

Price: £10.26 Inc VAT
Animal Supershapes Variety Pack - 2500 stickers!

If you like animals, you will love these stickers!

Price: £11.70 Inc VAT
Super Stars & Smiles pad - 738 stickers

A lovely, collectible product.

Price: £5.99 Inc VAT

boys reward stickers Motors in Motion Mixed Stickers Variety Pack - 234 stickers

Motors in Motion is a very popular transport themed sticker pack, ideal for boys or children who love cars, trucks and trains!

Price: £6.00 Inc VAT
Heart shaped stickers for girls Happy Hearts Mixed Stickers Variety Pack - 231 stickers

Trend Happy Hearts variety pack provides a large selection of heart shaped stickers.

Price: £6.00 Inc VAT
praise and reward stickers Way-To-Go Words Mixed Stickers Variety Pack - 204 stickers

Trend Way to Go Words Variety pack, 204 praise and reward stickers.

Price: £6.00 Inc VAT
star stickers Sensational Stars Mixed Stickers Variety Pack - 247 stickers

These twinkly star stickers are a great way to motivate and reward children.

Price: £6.00 Inc VAT
smiley face stickers Miles of Smiles Mixed Stickers Variety Pack - 233 stickers

Trend Miles of Smiles stickers.  These stickers will make you smile!

Price: £6.00 Inc VAT
Frogs, Frogs, Frogs Animal Mixed Variety Pack - 233 stickers

These cute frogs will be a big hit with young and old alike!

Price: £6.00 Inc VAT
praise stickers and smelly scratch'n'sniff stickers Positive Words Variety Pack Smelly Stickers - 300 stickers

Childrens favourites! Scratch'n'sniff stickers, perfect for every occasion. 300 stickers per pack.

Price: £10.98 Inc VAT
praise words scratch'n'sniff stickers Praise Words Scratch'n'sniff Smelly Stickers - 435 sticker per pack

Childrens favourites! Scratch'n'sniff stickers, perfect for every occasion. 435 stickers per pack, 29 sheets.

Price: £16.02 Inc VAT
Colourful Sparkle Stars Sparkle superShapes Value Pack - 1300 stickers

Fantastic Sparkle Star Stickers

Price: £10.26 Inc VAT
Colourful Star Stickers Colourful Foil Stars Super Shapes Value Pack - 1300 stickers

Huge value pack of star stickers.

Price: £10.26 Inc VAT
Star Smiles superShapes Value Pack - 2500 stickers

A very popular variety pack.

Price: £10.74 Inc VAT

Scratch'n'sniff smelly stickers Seasons & Holidays Variety Pack Scratch'n'Sniff Smelly Stickers - 435 per pack

These stickers are a great way to celebrate all the big holidays: Summer Fun stinky stickers with a smell of sea breeze, Halloween are root beer, Thanksgiving smell of pumpkins, Christmas is Peppermint, St. Valentine's Day is cherry scented and, perhaps most importantly of all, Birthday is Vanilla!

Price: £15.96 Inc VAT
Animal Fun variety pack

Great value animal fun sticker variety pack

Price: £10.50 Inc VAT
Best Buddies sticker selection - 2,500 cute animal stickers in 32 designs Best Buddies Collection - Animal Stickers - 2,500 Stickers

A fun and fabulous selection of 2,500 of our favourite little animal superspot stickers.  Ideal as little rewards, just the right size for incentive charts and spread over 32 sheets.  Terrific value for money.

Price: £11.88 Inc VAT