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A great selection of pencils, kids notepads, sharpeners and more teachers and parents can use to excite and motivate kids.
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Iwako Panda animal eraser Iwako Panda animal rubber (eraser)

cool iwako pandas

Price: £1.32 Inc VAT
Iwako giraffe animal eraser Iwako Giraffe animal rubbers (erasers)

Cool Giraffe Eraser

Price: £1.32 Inc VAT
Iwako pig rubber Iwako pig animal rubber (eraser)

These little pigs are so cute

Price: £1.32 Inc VAT
Techers value pack of bookmarks I love Reading! Bookmarks - 36 per pack

This is a pack of 36 bookmarks to encourage and celebrate reading progress which can be used in schools, homes and other  situations.  The bookmarks are brightly coloured, motivational and a great way to mark improvement.

List Price: £5.99 Inc VAT
Price: £4.98 Inc VAT
snifty pen Snifty Scented Pen - Raspberry Smell - Mouthwatering Penmanship!

Raspberry Snifty scented pen.

Price: £2.94 Inc VAT

chocolate scented pen Snifty Scented Pen - Chocolate Chip Smell

Chocolate chip scented snifty pens.

Price: £2.94 Inc VAT

peperoni pen Snifty Scented Pen - Pepperoni Smell - 1 pen

Pepperoni Snifty scented pen. We've got to be honest we thought it was an odd one too but the boys seem to like it. The smell is subtle.An Eco-friendly, hunger inducer!. The scents put in each pen are designed to be long lasting (in excess of a year).

Price: £2.94 Inc VAT
snifty ruler Snifty Scented Ruler

Blueberry scented ruler

Price: £3.49 Inc VAT
Pencil grip egonomic writing aid Glitter Pencil Grip - price is for 1

Revolutionary ergonomic writing aid suitable for right or left-handed users.  The pencil grip guides fingers to their natural position.

Price: £3.54 Inc VAT
reading star bookmarks - value pack 'You are a Reading Star!' Bookmarks - 36 bookmarks per pack

This is a pack of 36 bookmarks designed to encourage reading and reward effort.  
They are colourful, attractive and motivational and will appeal to all ages  Each sturdy card measures 16.5 cm x 5 cm and has space on the back for personalisation

Price: £4.98 Inc VAT
scented pen Halloween - Snifty Scented Pen - Caramel Scent

Looking for something for Halloween? Caramel scented snifty pens are ideal

Price: £2.94 Inc VAT
strawberry scented pen Snifty Scented Pen - Strawberry Smell

Yes that really is strawberry you can smell! When this funky Snifty Scented Pen meets paper, the smell of ripe, delicious, strawberry fragrance wafts tantalisingly through the air. Yum!

Price: £2.94 Inc VAT